Vol 5-1 Mini Review

Central Positions of Glucocorticoids and Stress in the Phenomena of Hormonal and Metabolic Programming / Imprinting

Viktor I. Goudochnikov

Biochemistry, Member of ISOAD, Santa Maria – RS, Brazil

The review is presented about contribution of glucocorticoids and stress to programming / imprinting phenomena. After their definition, possible mechanisms of such phenomena are described, including the role of glucocorticoids in ontopathogenic model, as well as the ways of diminishing adverse effects of these hormones. It is outlined that health professionals should participate in educational campaigns for decreasing adverse actions of stress and glucocorticoids, especially in perinatal period. Moreover, DOHaD concept should be introduced to the contents of university courses in biomedical sciences.

DOI: 10.29245/2767-5157/2023/1.1125 View / Download Pdf