Vol 4-2 Mini Review

Remarkable contribution of particulate matter-induced macrophage ferroptosis to the pathology of pulmonary fibrosis

Occupational exposure to particulate matter (PM) induced pulmonary fibrosis has aroused broad public concern. Pulmonary interstitial fibrosis is a central pathologic process of pneumoconiosis. Meanwhile, ferroptosis is a newly defined iron-dependent programmed cell death (PCD) that features increased intracellular labile iron and lethal accumulation of lipid peroxidation. Ferroptosis has been found to involve particulate-induced cytotoxicity. Recent studies have suggested that ferroptosis is closely associated with the occurrence and progression of pulmonary fibrosis. Here, we present a mini review to summarize the main mechanisms responsible for PM-induced pulmonary fibrosis via inducing macrophage ferroptosis to provide new insights into basic and clinical research of pulmonary fibrosis.

DOI: 10.29245/2767-5157/2022/2.1124 View / Download Pdf